Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Bloody Hell

Is the world on stand by??

Whats with the 36 hour days and the complete lack of action?

Not even a tenant is complaining in my neck of the woods....weird indeed

Mother is off getting scanned and needlestuck today after having gone to MASS with the CSV!!

This is interesting too.

I am glued to my chair in this office and have been for farking 2 weeks of nonhappeningthings now.

Going nuts slowly but surely.

Having impending doom type feelings re results of CTs etc and trying hard to deal with this without falling asleep in my cold coffee.

Its bloody cold and I dont have enough clothes on.

Must go....

scrabble beckons


Lisa said...

our world is on go slow for sure- something massive about to happen- miss you shell, come back !

Anonymous said...

Hey babe, time for a coffee...maybe we could do a roadtrip to the passage?Elf

Jewell said...

very weird indeed when tennants dont whinge