Monday, May 26, 2008


Its Monday???


I have been busy scrubbing a filthy old man...

Saturday and Sunday spent I, with scrubber gear, in the ex abode of a dirty old bastard who we locked out for non payment of rentals.....he is probably in the gutter and all his stuff is going to the tip and I, silly scrubber, volunteered my services to clean up said dirt box for cash monies of which I will not be getting enough.

10 hours to clean a stove people...3 tins of noxious poison and a paintscraper, 12 boxes of steel wool soap pads and 35 wettexes later, the stove is schmick and I am a wreck. I have also scrubbed ceilings and walls of 6 years of tobacco smoke and grease, cleaned, with the aid of 2 bottles of NOT swear at me Diana, bi carb wasnt going to cut it...on the shower recess and ...well, thats enough graphic detail, you get the picture. 2 days and still not done...grrrr.

Oh well...who needs rest anyway. Too much time to think otherwise.

My mother is a little mess at the moment and I am shipping her up to my sister for a few days so she can be distracted. I am not feeling very up to this right this minute. A few days without tears and depression and fear onslaught will be nice for me too. Not that I mind, just is heavy going trying to do everything half arsed.


Am looking forward to lunch with the witches and hoping it happens...cant guarantee my house will be clean though...perhaps we should all go to Harry's...I hear he has a really clean oven!



Lisa said...

i will be at lunch for sure , you poor little non bi carb using poppett

Cyndy said...

Bicarb is my cleaning product of choice, but sometimes you have to bring out the heavy artillery... that's why it was invented....
It's a good idea to pack your Mum off for a wee break, Arty-Cleaning Farty; all carers need to care for themselves, but actually getting them to do it is nigh impossible. You need your strength, my lovely, and your family needs to share this journey with you.

Wish I could come to lunch: I would clean for you, but don't really care anyway about sterility ;0(

Myst_72 said...

A bit after the fact but - dishwasher powder is the best thing I've found for cleaning ovens, actually it does showers well too if they need some extra punch.
The cheap stuff is just as good as the expensive stuff (black and gold brand is fine).


Anonymous said...

I will be there on Sunday for the house...did you ever think about just torching it and getting the insurance money??? mmmmmm....w.w ( wicked thought)

Kristy said...

Geez. That sounds HORRIBLE!


Bicarb is for the weak.