Thursday, May 22, 2008


Hospital appointments are always a yuk crash back to reality

6 - 12 months before things get awful they say

some fluid around the site of surgery

suspicious things in the lung that they arent even worrying about as the other will get her first

poor little mother

she doesnt want to die

not that soon anyway

I wonder if she will ever get to the foot stomping not having this crap stage?

I hope this B17 does something good for her

I really do

but I know its up to her to decide to live and fear is all crippling and hope is just a word sometimes

And faith, to some, is just a concept

I am not a spiritual advisor

just a kid am I


I am here

for her

whatever will be

I can live with that



Tesah said...

We're all thinking of you Chell

Faerie said...

Love You!


Lisa said...

poor sandra
poor you

i am here and i am a spiritual advisor

love you shell
miss you too


farking cancer

Cyndy said...

being there is what she both wants and needs from you 'Chell. It's good that you are.

She may never get to the foot stomping stage, but it's her dance, and she can be her own choreographer, within the confines that she will have.

Love to you xoxo

Jewell said...

I rhink your doing awonderful job Shell, love to you and yours