Monday, May 05, 2008

Where my head is at....?

Well, buggered if I know

I am still overly tired which is beginning to concern me, Im not an old woman and should have more oomph than this

Its probably emotional but the old body is aching and paining a lot and Im OVER it for sure

The trouble with having a close to me person with cancer is that you cannot pretend cancer does not exist and it seems to me that every pain and strange thing must now be a malignant thing and all that crap. I am full of fear and must get my head around that....somehow.

I have a son who is concerning me greatly at the moment, I dont know how I have managed to rear a boy with such disrespect, ignorance and angst and I want to smack him continuously and very hard. If I had the bloody energy I would.

Darlin is here at the moment and I dont have the energy to be there for him either.

At least my girls are good.

Anybody know of a job going for an almost 18 year old who knows everything and thinks he can make his way in the world by willpower alone?

It must pay 4,000,000 bucks a year too....

On the bright side I have informed the mater I will not be working on wednesday and am coming in to see Robert Young because I feel I have to....and I want to....and I suprise curveballs incoming from the bloody universe please!

I have a little list of things I want
  • a vacuum cleaner that really sucks instead of just going through the motions and making much noise for little gain
  • a button on the computer that automatically turns the accidental CAPS typing into lower case
  • A Scrabulous that goes FAST
  • to have never picked up that first cigarette
  • a neck lift and a boob job
  • a large serving of oomph delivered immediately!
Thats is all.....

Whinge bitch moan




Hippy Witch said...

I love your list, I'll keep my eye out,
Im looking for the same vacuum cleaner
See you Wednesday night, YAH

Anonymous said...

I will get you oomph in oompah loompah...I will bring you a bucket load.Will see you on Wednesday night.w.w.

Cyndy said...

When you find that job for almost 18yr old son, mine would like one too. But he doesn't really want to "live to work"....... And do "shit stuff and all that"..... and "who cares about the HSC? It doesn't matter anyway"....

Yep. Teenagers. Who'd want to be one? SO much angst and dissatisfaction with their lot.

And I wish that GG had never picked up that first cigarette, either. And as for the double black vodkas, and goon? Well, let's hope that it's just a phase...

Love to you, 'Chell.