Wednesday, May 14, 2008


  • do people who are PAID to mow your bloody lawn come and spend 30 mins whippersnipping the mountainside then get shitty when you make them rake up the grass they leave everywhere including the waterway where the rain needs to go if it isnt going to flood the joint??
  • do landlords come and clean out your drains that are full of sand because they are slackarses and then DUMP THE FRIKKEN SAND all over your front lawn that has taken 2 months to get into reasonable condition?? Do they think they OWN the joint? Well, they can pay the rent
  • am I sitting here in my magenta dressing gown that is very warm and provided by loving daughter for mothers day when I have 60,000 things to do and only one day off?
  • am I playing 93 games of scrabble but only 3 people are ever on at the same time?
  • do I have a rating of 1400ish when I have won the last 25 games bar 3? (not that I care of course, it is only a game!)
  • does my ex husband have to be such a shithead? Suddenly its all too much trouble. F%@ing men!


1 comment:

Lisa said...

f%$#ing men is right
I am hating at the moment
will beat the shit out of my drum tonight