Saturday, June 07, 2008

36 hours

In point form, here is my life.....

  • extreme sogginess for days and days
  • mum having frightening reaction to B17.....but all is well, just have to build up slowly and reaction turns out to be a good sign since it means body is releasing toxins ...phew
  • many roofs getting leaky
  • new tenants and leases and banking and landlords abusing and all that crap which just so happened to fall on the same day as I was trying to be here and there at the same time aarrgghhh
  • pissing down rain at 9 am this morning
  • car that wont start as its owner had left the lights on all night
  • walking to office in pissing down rain this morning
  • sun that comes out 2 hours after walking to office in pissing down rain
  • dead as doornail office whose phone has rang twice (mother both times)
  • mother who is feeling good so is cleaning house and will no doubt feel bad later due to cleaning of house but hey...the house will be half clean....and then she shall whinge because house is half clean
  • darlin who is coming today but NOT bringing seafood marinara grrrrrr
  • children who dont wash up and therefore shall be dead and given many jobs to do later inspite of being dead
  • cat who will be dead if she wakes anyone else up all night again
  • dog who is neglected and needs to go live somewhere else except she is a knobhead so cant
  • washing up the hallway and not being done due to extreme sogginess and tiredness of self
  • 2 days off coming up and this is JUST AS BLOODY WELL!!!!!
That will do.....



Cyndy said...

I am hearing you, Sister.....


Anonymous said...

oh has to get better, surely!w.w.

Anonymous said...

just tell the world to get fucked ,,,,,,,,,,,,

Jen said...


Faerie said...

Bon Jovi " ... if the world gets in my face, I say 'have a nice day' ..."

Respectfully of course!

Love to you too xxxx