Monday, June 16, 2008


All is well

Baby has been suitably christened and party is done

Darlin has a very cute grandchild indeed

I am well and feeling much less stressed for now

Parent is okay

Rainy and cold but it IS winter, right....

Office is office.

I am sex on wobbly legs as we all know!!

Hmmm...just thought I'd throw that in

Can't have Lisa being the only hornbag around here



Anonymous said...

mmmmm...indeed.Shortly the man will return to work and I will come up and have lunch with you in your lunch break eh.....w.w.

Bee said...

whoo hoo to you to.happy that all is well,and very cute child,,,

Myst_72 said...

Oh what a cutie!


Lisa said...

aaahhhhhh the pressures of being a hornbag- someone is always trying to out do you !!
Gorgeous baby Grandma- how about a photo of you all dolled up?

Glad youa re back in the drivers seat my darling befri xx

Anchell said...

I TOOK the photos so wasnt in one. Suffice to say it was wet cold and windy and I wore tight jeans and boots....with a big coat and a huge jumper...hornbag indeed I was



Jewell said...

oh what a cutie...and the baby hehehe

Faerie said...

I am playing with the word "hornbags" right now and came up with "pornhags" ... naughty Faerie hehehe

Cyndy said...

I'll just leave it up to you guys; I don't need the pressure.

Hugh told me not to worry about it, anyway.

And that baby is just darlin'!

Lisa said...

what a vision-
a grandma in jeans with big hair
smooch x