Tuesday, June 24, 2008


I am flu


Had a loverly day yesterday running ass off around town getting things to do with me done

Appointment with specialist re bleeding bits who has advised that I must go in for a Hysteroscopy sometime in the next 2 months to have bits removed and other bits biopsied etc etc. This will be very special and involve me being unconscious while the whole world and his dog stand around with a camera up my bum pulling things out of me. Truely elegant yes! So glad I get to be unconscious!

Been pricked by vampire type lady for checking of iron levels

Been x-rayed by other super type person for checking of lungs that are not very healthy

Been to the lovely centrelink for another exemption for another 3 months so that I dont have to have a job on top of the one I already have.....this is good

and tomorrow I get to go back to quack to see what dreaded x-ray has to say

such fun

I am a bit scared of tomorrow actually

just a tad




Bee said...

love to you woman xxxxx

Faerie said...

Supporting you all the way!

Love to you,

Anonymous said...

not fun getting bitz cut out ...no, no, no...
not fun being flu....nor having low iron...you have run yourself down indeed.
If you want a day off I will come and sit in office and tell people to "fuck off" for you!!!
For free!!!

Anchell said...

Excellent ww...come Friday, it can be FUCK oFF fRIDAY AT lOST THE pLOT.....HMMMM see

frikken typerthingcapsbloodylockercrappobumhole

Myst_72 said...

The 'bits cut out' part won't be fun at all, but at least the bleeding thing will stop!

Thinking of you,


Jewell said...

love to you shell, think you're doing a great job...love you