Wednesday, June 11, 2008

am I here yet??

Sometimes I wonder if I am really here

And if so, how did this come to be??

bloody hell

Anyway, I am


for now

not forever

at least I dont think so

I am abandoned and distressed due to being here

and yet here I must be

while you are all there

and I am still here

as you can see I have nothing to say

but am saying it anyway so you will know I am here

as opposed to there

where I would most likely prefer to be

given a choice or two

I was there briefly yesterday

but nobody cared

so I came back here

and nobody cared

so I went to bed

by myself


boo hoo


Jen said...

oh dear... love you

here or there i dont care

Anonymous said...

well you did not tell me that you were going to be here.... or I would have met you for a coffee.....yes you ARE all the way over there and it is very far away. You may as well be on the moon.
But you made the choice, and it was the right one to make.
It wont be forever, nothing is forever and you will look back on all of this and it will be weird.
We have not forgotten you - just stay in touch...we are here.w.w.

Lisa said...

this bloody computer takes so long to leave a comment.........
you were here yesterday ?
did you tell anyone ?
why where you here?
why did we not lucnh and gossip ?
I know you feel a bit lost, i cant even begin to imagine how awful it is, but i do love you.
for sure
Mary me

Cyndy said...

You may not be where you want to be, yet you are... same here