Wednesday, June 18, 2008

If I had the energy......

I would be pissed off with sick parent and sibling who stay up all night drinking for a week and then on the last night have a giant blue that disrupts everyone including CSV who is on a short trip home so parent can go to the hospital with me tomorrow.

I would point out to parent and sibling that they have had a lifetime to sort their shit out and that now they dont it might be a good time to get real.

I would point out to parents sibling that she is not in fact ever in the right and should be ashamed of herself.

And I would point out to parent that stupid sibling would like to be told she is loved.


I am sick. My throat and chest are not happy with me nor I with them.

Not to mention that I squeezed a pimple on my forehead and then put Dettol on it and burnt the skin around it and so now I look like Ive been punched in the head. Not to mention that at all.....

I should indeed point out to parent and sibling that between them this week I COULD HAVE HAD A FRIKKEN DAY OFF!

I am almost at the point where I will point it all out

but I may wait till they are in seperate states and sober.



Lisa said...

you dared to violate the lving head !
no wonder you now look malformed !
leave the two crones to battle it out, actually it sounds like you are doing that, so stay home and do remember how to do that dont you ?

Anonymous said...

You're right: There's no point if they're not sober.

And being unwell is awful; Hope you feel better, and soon.

Love to you, Lovely xoxoxox

Anonymous said...

ah...the bitter sweet joy of family....fuck em all I say......w.w.

Jen said...

the head has a zit?????

is that supposed to happen???

oh dear