Friday, June 27, 2008

Pondering is dangerous stuff

Have been sitting here letting my mind wander a tad.

Was recalling a post of H's the other day in which she wondered if she wanted to be 'known' as a witch. This led me to the thoughtline regarding my own disembarkment of the YAAD plan I had in mind for me last year.....I am aware that I didnt continue because it wasn't 'me' and that I wanted to do it for the people but not for the belief and that is fine and was just my path. Others have a differing path than mine and it all matters not.

My mind then went on to 'labels' and what they are, what they mean, do they mean anything? How do we define ourselves, how do I define myself?

Am I artist?

Am I 'walk in"

Am I addict, daughter, mother, lover, spiritual...........

Does it matter?

My past experiences have labelled me many things and yet I am not any of them and I am all of them.

I am also all the things I am yet to be...

There are some of those labels that I could wear and yet choose not to simply because they only feel like labels to me and not 'self'.

At this point in the timeline of my existance, I am Michelle.

That is all I am and all I care to be 'known' as

Everything else is what I 'do'.

"Do not label me for I am all and I am none of what you expect of me"....thats is the 'thought' that spoke in my head.


I am

I am

I am

Thats enough really isn't it

More than enough!

Back to work

or scrabble


I AM the scrabble queen though and dont you forget it!



Jen said...

i have also spent some time pondering this, many times over the past i-dont-know-how-long.

If anyone asks me who or what I am, or what is my label etc, I say "I am everything and i am nothing" - I am not in a box and never intend to be.

I have always struggled with the W word, but more for the negative connotations of the word itself and feel YAAD has broadened my knowledge on so many subjects and areas that I am totally glad to have done it. Never have i ever contemplated leaving by the way.

Looking forward to continuing the journey and also to seeing you, my friend, very soon, hopefully.

take care

You are

Lotsa luv

(delete the picture... its yuk)

Anchell said...

is not

Anonymous said...

what picture?w.w.

Lisa said...

YAAD is a course of learning and nothing more or less- I have worked hard to make it more than just an introduction to Wicca- more like an introduction to self. It is designed to make you think, to give you knoweldge which is power and enpowerment.

To me, labels are irrelevant and needed only by those who wish to define what can not be humanity we are really so multi faceted that to label us is uselss becasue the label that is applied really only relates to one aspect of us.......

Tell me about pondering ! ? !
I know it well
and yes you are, the undisputed scrabble queen

Maryme x