Wednesday, June 04, 2008


I am having a day off today (hahahahahaha)

To finish cleaning filthy old farts house

It is P*&ssing down rain..

I am playing many games of scrabble

and eating much cheese on toast

then I may go back to bed

and then I will clean!

I wont be driving into town however

that is much too hard

and more than I can cope with

I can just about cope with cheese on toast...

you know how it is

when you are bleeding to death for the second time in a month and cant hear yourself think over the rain on the roof!!

Deafening it is and I am hoping that there will be no June storm this year so as not to tempt the house next door to fall onto mine...thats what it tried to do last year and I WILL NOT HAVE IT!!


have a good day people



Jen said...

Try to enjoy your day off 'chelle - cept for the filthy old mans house of course, that will suck.

Anonymous said...

I went back to bed myself this morning...had a reason..the man was still there, nice, warm and very cuddly...
it took me one hour to get the baby girl to school and drive back home this morning.It usually would take about 40 minutes. No dont come into town, they are all idiots out there...w.w.