Monday, January 25, 2010

Endings and beginnings and the bits in between.....

Mum is still here, my brother is flying in on Wednesday, once he is here I would almost bet money that she won't be here for much longer. She pops back in for a little while each day now but mostly she is gone.....mostly

I saw you
fade away from here
one foot in this world
the rest of you
I hear you
tell me I am
keeping you here
saying good bye is kind of easy
because I can't see you anymore

there is a blessing in there somewhere I am sure.....


Lisa said...

thursday friday st sun mon tues

Jewell said...

very sorry to hear this Michelle, sending love to you all xxx

Jewell said...

Very sorry to hear this, sending you all love xxx

Lydia La La said...

Keep your chin up, Michelle. Legal 'stuff' has to be done so good for you to get it all organised. Hard to believe that your Mum hadn't seen to it earlier!!! My heart is with you. Feel safe and protected.

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