Monday, January 18, 2010

Pondering faith.......

Pondering faith because Lisa made me.....

and how when it all boils down to the very brassiest of tin tacks

It's all we have

any of us

In any given moment




These things I strive for daily.....

and gratitude

always gratitude

and lasagne that tastes good

I love you!


Lisa said...

ofcourse you love me x

Jen said...


raw (not the lasagne!!)

Snowbrush said...

Ah, but faith in what? I'm not sure what the difference is in hope and faith is, but I think that hope lacks a reason to believe, whereas faith--ideally-would be based upon experience, e.g. "I hope my wife doesn't have an affair, but past experience makes it impossible for me to have faith that she won't."

Michelle said...

Oh in I hope I manage to cope with all of this and I have faith that I am not alone and will have help to do so. For this I am is that simple.

I'm not going to head fuck it for you :)


Snowbrush said...

I guess I'm lost as to what you mean by head-fuck, although it sounds a bit insulting. I suppose you meant to imply that you prefer validation to dialogue, which is your right, of course.

christopher said...

The Meaning Of Hope

I shall choose my hope
like I choose my gait after
falling like I have.
There is no native
walk left in me after all.
The impact shook me down.
I've been spun and slammed
and knocked upside my old head
to the point I call
uncle in this game
yet I shall choose to have hope
and I believe you.

Michelle said...

What I meant was that I am not going to interpret will see it your way and I will see it mine and both ways will be right in their own way. No insult intended.


Michelle said...

Thank you Chistopher!


Snowbrush said...

"you will see it your way and I will see it mine and both ways will be right in their own way."

I am truly lost here. If we had spoken at length and had understood one another's viewpoint, I could see the sense in your statement, but, as it is, we haven't spoken at all, really. I asked questions, which you, it seemed, didn't want to address, yet you now say we are both right in our own way, and I can but ask, right about what? In what ways do you see me as right--I have shared so little, and even that seemed to offend you somehow. It's not the lack of answers that puzzles me, but the apparent feeling that questions are unwarranted, not because they are disrespectful or have a hidden agenda, but simply because they require you to think. Thus it seems to me, and I could very well be wrong.

Michelle said...

No no Snow! I am not offended or any such thing. Nor am I trying to be offensive. Wow. I just am trying to say that we all see things differently, regarding hope and faith and that each of us has a different understanding of what these things are to ourselves. If I try to interpret yours I may well 'head fuck' or confuse it for you, and vice versa. It's all relative. I am so sorry if this has left you feeling like I have attacked you or something. Ive may have been a little cryptic, possibly, due to lack of time and probably thought too.
In answer to your original question, in what do I have faith, well, I have faith that I will come out the other end of this bit of my life with my sanity and my sense of humour intact, and that I have support, both physical and spiritual, behind and beside me and that I will survive. That's plenty enough for me right now. If I complicate it any more than that then I start to head fuck myself. Do you see what I mean?
Love to you!


Cyndy said...

Welcome to head-f space... so as not to offend Snow.... you really didn't want to have to analyse it 'Chelle, but ended up doing it anyway....

BTW: I am guilty of not reading it all.... I could see where it was going...

Loves Ya!