Thursday, January 21, 2010

There's a bear in there.....

Am I having fun yet?

Nope....this is not fun

This is pretty crappy actually

I've spent the last couple of days nagging my poor little mother in order to get some things sorted a will! And other paperwork that hasn't been done and needed to be done.

She told me I was a vulture so I put her back to bed.....argh! I am no bloody vulture! I don't even care about the stupid thing, SHE does. Grrrrrrrrrrrr.......

I got it done though, which is good.

The car is sorted, the kids are sorted, the will is sorted (can you believe it has taken this long!) and all that is left is to get a Power of Attorney sorted but I want a solicitor to do that. It's a big deal.....and I don't want all the responsibilty my sister and brother must be one too.

There are other things that need doing but they will have to much stuff that didn't get done and should have while I was busy running the office.

Mum is fading away here, she is sleeping 90% of the day at the moment and I think it is because of the drugs but it's kind of hard to know. They have her on a new pain med and it has knocked her out and we are reducing it to see if this improves but she is still falling asleep sitting up .....I just do not know.

I am spending most of my day roaming around this house while she sleeps. Today I have bought some painting stuff over and I may get some tattoo designs happening to keep me occupied, K has bought two tattoo guns, a liner and a shader, and all the inks and stuff and I am going to teach myself how to do it.....I can make good money from this if I get good enough. And I will! Because I am.....:)
But that is for a little way down the track yet, now is for practise and research, just to fill time while I do my is good to look forward though, looking back is a little useless and a bit damned painful.

I want it known that I am no damn hero.

I hate this shit.

But I love my mum, even if I am a vulture :)



Lisa said...

not a vulture,just sensible x

Renee said...

You my love are no vulture. You my dear are a hero.

You my dear are what us mothers want our daughters to be like.

Sleeping alot can be the drugs for sure Michelle.

Together strong.

Love Renee xoxo

Natalie said...

And we love all kinds of clever Vutures, especially those with a gun! ♥xx♥

Myst_72 said...

You're doing a brilliant job Michelle ♥


Cyndy said...

Even vultures have their place in the scheme of things.... they just tidy up.

And if you didn't do this will thing, who would? If it is all left up to probate, then there will be next to nothing left and it will take an inordinate period of time.

Has everybody else done their will? I hope so.

It is shit, Bluest One, but necessary. Power of Attorney is necessary, but how about that Enduring Guardianship thing? I'm not sure how long all this stuff takes. Both require legal eagles... some people consider them vultures, but holy cow, they get paid well for it.

Loving you and wishing I could take some of this crap away for you ;0(

Chrisy said...

I see you in Pandora, flying high on your gorgeous dragon, toting your tat gun ready to brand kick butt tats on those who need them. And if you're the only family member getting all this legal stuff sorted well you are a hero. Take care.