Monday, January 11, 2010

Gonna love you a little bit more...........

Oh I am now addicted to Harley's.

That was most cool!

I have also made a decision to leave work this week, am talking to my boss is time

My ex is still pushing my buttons like the good man he always has been......I WILL be grateful for the lessons God, I will.................I put it down and he pops back up again every time just lately.
I officially give up and say a little prayer for him.
Something like...."God, please give L everything he needs as long as it isn't me!"


My befri came for tea last night with my mum and that was fun........

My man drove 45 minutes just to sleep next to me.......I find that endearing, especially since I've been so tired lately I'm snoring.....

My dog is about to experience having his tongue wrapped around his own throat if he doesn't stop whinging all day when no one is home......I need a dog whisperer!

I haven't had to buy food for a is cheap when your kids are away!

Well, I'm off to do the day.....I will try to stay in it and to be grateful for something every damn minute



Marie S said...

Happy Happy New Year Sweet woman, may it be you best ever!!
Love and huge hugs to you.

angela said...

yes its amazing how much they can eat. And its so quiet without them, bliss

Natalie said...

I love that song. :)

Lisa said...

well i should have stayed- that would have been interesting- we could have filmed it and sent to Daniel !

Michelle said...


Diane said...

Hope your Monday's fabulous!!! xo

Anonymous said...

Maybe you don't need a dog whisperer, you need a dog shutter-upperer.
That's a technical term... try the yellow pages. (They weren't originally yellow though)
Love you Barbie MOP.

Bagman and Butler said...

Varoooom! Yea, you!

Renee said...

We are grateful for you.

Don't allow him near your buttons.