Thursday, September 18, 2008

All done

I'd tell you all about it except I dont remember a thing

My bowel is lovely and clear of gremlins

I will never do that again unless they invent something a bit less horrible to prepare you for it

That was truelly disgusting

Imagine having to drink a whole bucket full of seawater with a bit of lemon squeezed in


I have a day off tomorrow so bonus score!

I am having my hair coloured because the grey is very prominent again

I will not be an old lady

No no no



The Tall Red Head said...

Ahh, lovely! The preperation is usually the worst thing in most cases. Apart from childbirth, the preperation is WAY more fun than the end outcome.

So glad you went well and all looks fine xx

Tania said...

So glad there are no gremlins :)
Enjoy your day off

Myst_72 said...

Ooh I remember that stuff all to well - it's like instant gastro when it kicks in eh.
So pleased all was well.


Lisa said...

yuk! then why does your bowel give you problems ?

Anchell said...

It doesnt was because some blood showed up in a test and because of mum, its hereditary.

Better safe than sorry

Hippy Witch said...

Im glad its over, relax on your day off.

Jewell said...

glad it's over enjoy your day off xxx

Kristy-Lee said...

Glad its over.

Hey, did you know they are charging $88 per go for a foot de-goo at Kotara?

You should get back into it!

You could make a fortune!

Cyndy said...

Done, done, done!


Anonymous said...

Glad it's all over, chellbell. I'm relieved (no pun intended) that there were no mid-eighties-b-grade-horror-movie-monsters in there. All good news.
Take care!

Jen said...

most excellent

hugs to you