Tuesday, September 23, 2008

But wait....

There is always more!

Tomorrow is my baby's 15th birthday

Tomorrow we pick up our new puppypeemachine

I have been and seen my tenant, the newsagent, in order to procure many newspapers for free for the next few weeks

Not that I will need them as MY puppy will only pee in the designated spot and has been doing so since birth......snort

Had counseller appointment with baby today

She needs to see a psychiatrist on Friday to be assessed for medication

She (the psychologist) believes that this may help to lift her mood and help her to focus so that the actual counselling may do some actual good

I dont know how I feel about that but am willing, at this point, to go with the flow, and my gut...

Speaking of guts, mine feels much better tonight thank fark

No longer paining when I breathe

Excellent indeed

Will go to quack tomorrow anyway, just in case

Full day ahead

Mum to hospital for oncology appointment, which has her terrified today, I am feeling rather ambivelant so I hope thats a good gut thing

Then mum to hairdressers for some beautifying while I run around like headless chook to get cake, pup food and various other sundries like birthday candles (where do they all go in between birthdays??)

Then to pick up puppy and go home for pee wiping and birthday KFC dinners and cakes etc

My big baby has driven up again tonight for tomorrow and I am grateful for nuns in training today for sure

Im sure I have forgotten something here but I will definately not be having time for coffee regardless

I may have time on Monday though if I am lucky, when I come in to have follow up appointment from hysteroscopy

Frikken hospitals

I am very over them

But grateful too




Cyndy said...

and you reckon I'm busy....

Jewell said...

happy birthday to little girl..hope she has a great day...enjoy the new peedog i'm sure it will be all good XXX

Anonymous said...

New puppy is sooooo exciting! I challange you to a "puppy - off" after Calendar Club, they will both still be cute and adorable and can have a play date...ok????w.w.