Sunday, September 14, 2008

Deepest poo


I am in it

I have cleaned Shelli's room

and am the worst mother in the world


That was her

I am celebrating 3 and a half garbage bags worth of rubbish, and I mean rubbish, removal.

Why would she cry for the loss of 15 empty hairspray cans???

And 25000 empty lolly wrappers??

And she will soon 'fix' it up again I am sure

I want my puppy NOW....grrrr


Lisa said...

i still shudder when i remeber cleaning prues rooms when she was a camp once- oh my god, she didnt speak to marc or I for ages- I threw out a plastic spoon that was a prized possesion- i will never do it again !!! I want your puppy now tooo !!!

Anonymous said...

from one puppy mum to another ( to be ) enjoy the tranquility!!!!!Soon you will have a new baby to care for and spoil to death and be shouted at by your children for spoiling the dog more than you spoil them......w.w.

Cyndy said...

Ah yes...the bedrooms.. the last day that I finished TAFE in June, I cleaned out GG's room after asking her to do it for 3 months..... it was so nic to see it clean, rubbish-free, and some level of organisation. I think that it was back to "normal" after about a week...... "treasures" are so unique: GG was collecting every bus ticket for some reason..... and never threw out anything when it became empty... I guess we're all in the same club...
Actually, when I saw your post heading, I thought that you'd made a career change to a proctologist.... ;0)

Anchell said...

It seems I am she actually has 2000 pairs of knickers and 14500 socks...some of them matching even....yay

Jen said...

Once she gets back in and 'fixes it up', dont let the puppy go in there will you - you may never see him again.

you are a very brave woman and you are my hero.

Myst_72 said...

Glad it's not just Small Man that collects lolly wrappers and who knows what else....knee deep if I left it.....*sigh*
I hope that he will eventually enjoy being in a clean tidy room...maybe!
I think they get more upset that you might have gone 'through their stuff' or found some hidden whatever...