Tuesday, September 02, 2008

wobbly week

Yes, its been a wobbly week

I think I have survived it

Ended up at the hospital on Sunday getting tested for cardiac crap after experiencing disgusting palpitations for hours on Sat night and Sunday morning

But all was well.

I think it was just the medication making things worse before they get better (I farking hope)

Been okay since, if a bit wobbly

My girls are a worry

Kayla had her first appointment with the psychologist yesterday and has agreed to go back for a few more. She is in need of some help and is a bit of a worry ...how did I miss this?

Shelli has been a worry for the last few years and I am thinking she suffers from depression...it appears to be a family trait but getting her to see someone is going to be a strategic intrigue. She did talk to the doctor so there is hope.

My poor babies

My poor me

But we will get through it..at least we are doing sommething and are aware....most important things at this point.

Going in for little surgery tomorrow

Sister arrives today

I wonder if she knows she is the messiah this week???

Son is having a lovely time and cant figure out why Germany has so many festivals...been to 4 this week alone! But he is happy and settling in and really likes his "family" over there. Probably more than this one here for now :)

Mother is unaware that she is exhibiting more energy but I know....she has been taking more of her supps (like I have been asking her to do for months) finally and I can see the difference even if she cant. And a bit of hope is creeping into her vocabulary which is good. I think.....

That is all for now.....might do some more later. I will say that when I am not having hours of palpitations I am actually feeling a bit better in myself...so I am sticking with the meds and seeing how things go. This because I am BRAVE and of course, DESPERATE......

My landlady is here talking to darlin....she is making my backyard lovely. Shame she cant do it from a distance

Ungrateful bitch am I....



Myst_72 said...

Will be thinking of you tomorrow.

Don't beat yourself up over your girls and their problems - I have two boys taking anti-whatevers...I gave up on the guilt a long time ago as it was destroying me. I guess it's just genetic. It sounds like you are doing the best for them.


Anonymous said...

Poor baby...it's all happening in your world.It's a bastard when the Universe just wont let up....you ARE doing your best...we all know you are doing even better than your best...you are going way beyond your best.....you are a good woman!!!!!Love and hugs and see you on Sat!!!w.w.

Faerie said...

Thinking about you too xxxx

Lisa said...

ahhhh shell- at least all of this stuff is out in the open now and getting the attention it requires.

Never doubt how GOOD you are, how STRONG and BRAVE- do you need any help with tomorrow- lifts or anything- I am avaialble all day for you.

Even Messiah's need a week off occasionally, if if it is to let someone probe their inner bits.

Sending love as always,
I will make you a healing talismen for Saturday night- if you can make it.................

the girls will be fine- with or without mental drama's, they are going through difficult years in a difficult situation.


Never forget that we are watching and loving, all be it from a distance xxx

Anchell said...

Thanks guys..

I am okay for tomorrow, darlin is my slave...

Cyndy said...

Breathe, Beautiful, Breathe......

There is no surprises re the palpitations.... breathe.... breathe..

You didn't "miss" anything: everyone comes with their own stuff... maybe there were no signs and it's just all bubbled over.... and like ww says, some things are just "in your waters".... my family are a prime example...

What a year you've been having!!

Love, the muggle xoxoxox