Thursday, September 25, 2008

Life is funny...not haha

Birthday went well

Puppy is a hit and did not wake me up once during the night...sooo cute

Unfortunatly hospital visit with parent was a bit depressing

CEA levels are at 20...which is up not down

Only a bit but still....the other direction would have been nice

Its so hard to understand all of this medical crap and noone tells you anything

I will get to investigation but right now I am disappointed.....more so because now mum is depressed again

I wish she would get a new attitude for herself

Defeatist she is and it can't be good

Or maybe she is realistic and I am not??

Whatever, I will see



Tania said...

Maybe you could take your new puppy over to see your mum? puppy therapy is wonderful :)

Lisa said...

thats a bummer baby.....sending love.dont be too hard on mum- it cant be easy xxx

ps.real dogs keep you awake at night

Anchell said...

Mum is pupnanny...she came with me and picked him up. She wants one bad...

Myst_72 said...

Oh poor Mum.

What is a 'high' level - I know she is higher than before just wondering what the levels are, it is the one area I (thankfully) haven't had to research.

You are both in my thoughts.


Jewell said...

sorry to hear about your to you all xxx

Jen said...

oh dear


Anonymous said...

Yay....cute new pup...I want to see some more photos please......mum, is mum......w.w.

Cyndy said...

"Only a bit" is better then "Significantly increased", so things could be worse. You & your Mum are different: but it doesn't mean that she's hung up her gloves yet. She's put up with a lot to get to this point, as have you.

Hang in there guys. xoxo