Wednesday, September 10, 2008

organised as possible

Well, I am organised for battle

GP appointment tomorrow arvo for baby girl

Urgent appointment with Adolescent MHU for next Tuesday already sorted

Spoken to school, not that that was much use.....

Armed for action in as far as one can be

I also have my colonoscopy next Thursday so that will be fun

Daughter nun coming next week to run interference with the troops

Operation 'enough is enough' is underway




Jen said...


Anonymous said...

Double baby daughter towing the line or yanking at the chain????
Can you psossibly have any more problems?
I am sure you have a spare minute in your day.........w.w.

Anchell said...

Girk is toeing and yanking....she will do as she is told because she has no idea what else to do. I think she wants to be told.

Lisa said...

you make me horney when you are being bossy !!

Jewell said...

i think you have been so very and lots and lots of hugs xxxx