Monday, September 15, 2008


Yep poo again

Am in the orifice and the sun is shining and its not shining on me

I am going to close for lunch today and go sit in the park or something like that

Too much orifice is detrimental to my health

I am no longer a ferocious coffee drinker did I tell you??

2 half strengths in the morning then its tea for me, herbal and real tea

I am too good

Since I told the anxiety I will no longer tolerate being debilitated by it it has been ok

There have been moments of course, and the first few days were a bit hairy but all in all I feel okay

and when I dont I am no longer fearful of a valium addiction, thats what its there for after all

I have noticed that it is worse when I have to drive anywhere further than up the road but am working on that

I will NOT be housebound because of a chemical imbalance that I created

I am UN creating it !!!

Once in a lifetime is more than enough times for fear to do me in

I am MUCH stronger than that

I just need to remind myself regularily


Appointment with child psychology people tomorrow arvo

Colonoscopy on Thursday

Wednesday is for pooing in preperation for Thursday

how nice

I am so looking forward to it and am so pleased they will drug me stupid in order not to remember it too

I am getting a puppy did you know

so exciting for me and the girls

but not for darlin


oh dear

did you know that since Josh went I have much more money??

It has taken me 2 weeks to notice that Coles is no longer eating my whole bank account each week...




Anonymous said...

Good luck with it all.w.w.

Lisa said...

am excited about the puppy and also about the colonoscopy as i am sure i will soon be having one too.......also excited that the sun is shine and Josh is eating elsewhere !
would be excited about valuim but that kind of defeats the purpose..............doesnt darlin like the idea of you having a new man in your life ?

Anchell said...

Darlin is not excited because the old is making way for the new....he is a sad boy

Cyndy said...

Be excited about the fact that you may possibly enjoy late-night tv all night as your bowels excitedly evacuate in preparation for the rivetting colonoscopy on Thursday... or so the patients the I have admitted for the procedure tell me.... afterwards, a bit breezy inside is normal too, and sleepy after the previous nights fun and mild sedation so you don't have to remember anything about the camera bit... ;0)

Why am I poorer even though 1 of mine doesn't live with me? Does she need to move to Germany too?

I've never worked so hard in my life.....

Jen said...