Sunday, September 28, 2008


What a bloody stinker of a day!

And I live on a hill with a seabreeze!

Poor little guy pup has been a bit funny, swims in his water bowl!

So we put some water in the bath and let him go for it....he loved it but tries to dig it out

So begins a life long love of water...typical gundog!

It will be fun when he's had his next shots and we can go play down the waterfront in the sand

Well, yesterday was done....

I knew exactly when because I felt darlin's anguish in the middle of Coles......awful

Being connected to someone like that can be painful....

Poor darlin, poor Matt, poor me, poor bloody least she didn't have to know about it.

He is going to go away for a couple of days he tells me.


I guess he will get to it sooner or later, the fact that it had to be done I mean

I am trying very hard not to feel guilty but it creeps in anyway


have had a nice, albeit stinking hot, day at home with my babies

I am actually quite enjoying them lately

Shelli is a bit more approachable these days and Kayla is always a delight

Such a nice girl that one.

I am in town tomorrow for follow up appt with gynedoc and then must go have an x-ray on a strange lump on my chest that seems to have appeared just recently...the doc isnt telling me anything but I am a bit seems to be a top rib that is 'swollen' for no reason....better not be anything crappy or I may just quit! I am pretty damn sure it wasn't there a week ago....whats the friggen story falling to bits

Darlin does not know about this as he was too dog/self involved for me to be bothered telling him

That feels a bit yuk

In fact no one knows except me, and now you.

Everyone has too much on their plates just now for me to add another serving...tell you what though, I need two hands to hold mine....



Tania said...

I'll hold them.. take care xx

Jen said...

am here

you know that



Faerie said...

Load it up baby, that's what we are here for!


Jewell said...

more than happy to hold any hands you need

Cyndy said...

Well 'Chell: it sounds like there will be some serious hand-holding going on.....

I can hold fast through just about anything, I've discovered. Count me in too. ;0)

Anchell said...

I meant my plate,,,but I'll take whatever!