Wednesday, September 10, 2008


I am remembering to be grateful

I am grateful for darlin who is here for me even when I am a nasty boring cow

I am grateful for the knowledge that there is always a light at the end of the tunnel

I am grateful for the 'fuckedintheheadness' that I have lived through so that I know my kids will too

I am grateful that my rotten son is safe in Germany having fun and growling at me for worrying about him

I am grateful for B17 that gives one hope even if one does not know what to do with hope yet

I am grateful for sisters and daughters who come to help when needed

I am grateful to friends who care

I am grateful for my own self and my ability to see what needs to be done eventually

That will do for today

I cant quite be grateful to the orifice for anything but I will work on it

I am grateful for a warped sense of humour too

Hard work that!


Lisa said...

gratitude, it opens the heart to everything. I am so grateful you have got to gratitude, and that i have you and your life in my life.
thank you xx

Hippy Witch said...

You will get through it with extra strength, because you are grateful. Blessing for you and your beautiful family.