Sunday, September 21, 2008


Took the girls to meet the puppy today

They are in love

That was the nice bit of the day

The rest sucks

Darlin has taken his dog and left the building

Not sure when he'll be back he says

I am emotionally unavailable

and to top it all off

I have to go to the hospital tonight as I have pain and bloating and need to checked out re colonoscopy.....grrrrr

Was up at 2am in excrutiating agony and it hasn't completely gone away so they want me to be seen toinght 'just in case"......

in case what???

some idiot perforated my farking bowel????

I probably just need to fart and doing a giant poo would be useful...seeings as I haven't since then

sorry for that info overdose

anyway...going to drop girls at mums and do the bloody do

I just want to go to bed



Poor little brother is going to drive me in


Tania said...

i hope you're ok x

Hippy Witch said...

Blessings to you Chelle

Anonymous said...

things just are not getting any better are they? Being called emotionally detached is a real slap in the face....I remember being told that at a very fragile moment when I thought that I had been overwhelmingly giving of myself...everyone sees it from their angle don't they...but sometimes these statements are heartless and destructive no matter what anger or frustration sits behind them...and often given out at the worst time possible.w.w.
( I am praying for you )

Myst_72 said...

Oh dear 'Chelle,

I hope it's just a 'wind pocket'.

And hope everything else works as for the best for you.


Jen said...

argh is right


Lisa said...

shell, thie ALL sounds awful- i will call you tomorrow xxx

Jewell said...

thinking of you shell...sometimes people need to pass the blame on as it's too hard for them to take responsibility for it. xxx