Friday, September 12, 2008


That is me

a grumblebum extraordinnaire

Today my mission is to clean the filthy orifice and the putrid car

This weekend my mission is to get some sunshine (please) and to clean the filthy stinking putrid mess that is my daughters room

If your bedroom reflects your state of mind then she is certainly in need of a polish

But we know that already do we not

I am on the hunt for a Cocker Spaniel puppy

If you know of any please let me know

I think a bundle of licky love is just what my house needs at the moment

I will not remember puppy pee and chewed knickers at this stage!

I am demanding of the universe a break here

Some light in the tunnel RIGHT NOW please

Operation 'enoughisenough' is well underway

Now, how to make daughter play.......?



Faerie said...

I like the sound of mission "enough is enough" methinks I will make off with it in the middle of the night ...

I love you new template :-)

Myst_72 said...

Just your doing operation 'enoughisenough' is what she needs at the moment. She will play eventually I think.


Lisa said...

she doesnt have to play she has to do- love the new blog set out- clever non-witch !

Lisa said...

btw- i forgot to mention how impressed i am with you actually posting a picture to accompany your rant !!!! a cocker puppy for sure and muchly to play with Trev & Max- you MUST get a boy !!!
or not- your choice x

Jen said...

a puppy .. awwwww what a good idea. dont even think of the piddle and poop... yet

and the blog looks very beautiful. I had quite a shock when i first opened it up, after looking at your same one for more then a decade (at least)... well it feels like it

Tania said...

I love your new blog picture :)

Anchell said...

I have found a pup!

We are going to see him tomorrow

He is black and I think Grumblebum is a great name for a puppy !!!!

Cyndy said...

I can just see you standing on your back porch calling out "GRUMBLEBUM....BU-UM...COME TO MUMMY....."....


Your life may be a pain in the bum, but at least it's never boring....

Your girk & mine must be twin souls... Except her GP doesn't think that there's too much going on with her.... today's visit netted her some aristocort cream for her "new" psoriasis... that has been there for her last 3 visits over the last 4 months..

Do they ever look at the big picture, do you think?

Anchell said...

Grumblebum can be his middle name then!