Friday, September 26, 2008


Been to see psych with babyshell

Starting on Lovan tomorrow

He thinks she could use the help

but that she is also strong as well

We will try it and see how it goes

Poor mum of me is a bit down

but she will come good cause she is one tough lady, she just keeps forgetting

I am gratitude for being able to be here for those who need me to be

really I am

I am gratitude for feeling love for mine in spite of all the crap in the past

I am gratitude for baby girls who seem lighter and are talking more even though they think nothing will help them. Obviously on some level she believes something just might....

I am in gratitude for new puppies who do every single wee on the paper today!

so clever

I am not in gratitude for mums 60th birthday celebrations falling on the same night as Renata's cottage do!

How to be 2 places at once???



Myst_72 said...

I think the lovan is a good idea.
Why not have something to help, even though it feels 'odd' - I know that feeling, I've been through it with both of my boys - but now I'm so glad I did it.

You're a good Mum,


Jewell said...

oh dear it never rains but pours....i'm sure renata will understand...

Lisa said...

lovan is good- a logical step and a wonderful drug- most exo

renata will understand- she is a woman of priorities herself