Friday, November 07, 2008

and again

I am so interesting with my titles arent I

Child has slept again, though she was a bit down last night.

Due to the 'down' I was up

Several times during the night to check on her

I observed that I dreamed a lot and assume this is due to me never
quite reaching the theta state

I wish I could remember the dreams because they were frikken frustrating

I wonder why.....

I think everyone has cancer in them and I was probably waking up all
night in my dream checking on them to make sure they werent killing themselves


So, I am obviously tired

Poor Kayla is having a problem with school

In that she doesnt want to go

and for days now I have had to wake and shake her and make her go

This morning I woke her and she informed me that she wasnt going

Im afraid I said quite loudly and sternly "oh bloody grow up"

and left the room

and you know what

she got up, got dressed and went to school??


Today I must go and do the Tribunal court do

I have never done it before and Im hoping its ok if I swear a lot and
tell the judge that the bitch is a filthy mole and doesnt deserve her
bond back if thats okay.....



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