Tuesday, November 04, 2008


Oh dear

I think I am a bit stressed

Breath Michelle breath


Lisa said...


Faerie said...

... about?

Cyndy said...

Wicked Blogmuggle suggests that maybe Shellibaby needs 24hr monitoring within a supportive and helpful environment with others in a similar situation. No-one wants to see kids in hospital, but sometimes that is what is needed to get a true assessment and help. This is NOT a reflection upon you & your parenting 'Chell, but an observation from someone outside looking in. Tired and stressed families in crisis find it hard to keep on helping themselves, and need extra support, not just suggestions and prescriptions. The Docs are not losing sleep: you are. You need sleep to manage all those frickin balls you are juggling, my dear.....

Love to you. xoxoxo

PS; If you need to yell at someone, I'm a really good whipping boy/soundingboard. Free free.

Jen said...

NO wonder!!!

Hugs to you all

Anchell said...

Yes Cyndy I know. And beleieve me, if she keeps it up thats exactly where she is going.

I told her that too.

I think she slept last night and Darlin came and watched her while I slept, thank frik