Sunday, November 09, 2008


No bloods


No sleep

but hey that ok

Actually she had a friend over last night so I assumed I could sleep and did,
all night, until for some strange reason Kayla rang the home phone
(which was next to my head) by accident from her iphone
at 1.11 am......bloody

And of course I woke at 6am because that is what happens when you
wake at 1.11am and think the phone is your alarm and accidentally
turn it on whilst trying to turn it off, if you know what I mean...

so, yawn, again.

My house smells like dog

Must do something about that

Darlin is coming today and its raining and blah of course because it is my
day off you know


Must bath dog and do some washing so rain is not helpful at all

Must get grass mowed before dog disappears in it, rain is not helpful oh no

Think I might go back to bed now and think about it for a while...



Lisa said...

mary me- i bought some sleep remedy drops at visionary health the other day that are AMAZING. They are similar to the flower remdies that Jen creates and about 9.95 per bottle. This is NOT the SLEEP TONIC but the sleep remedy drops. exo

The Tall Red Head said...

You are doing a great job. Might not feel like it, but there is only so much one person can do with all that she has been thrown. When I feel like strangling my kids or have a woe is me moment, I think about the shit you have been going through and I tell myself to harden the fuck up. It works.

Love to you xx