Wednesday, November 26, 2008

oh for a thrill

Boring boring boring

That is me

Still, things are on the move

Mother rang the 'offer guy' and told him if he was still interested she would accept his previous offer

He will let us know

This would still mean I am here for another 3 months doing the do but hey, thats not so long a tunnel is it

And he would have to pay me!

How and everything

Little brother is possibly going to buy a townhouse that mum used to own and which is on the market for a ridiculous amount due to a repo

This would solve several worries as well, such as where thay would live if she sells her house, which she will have to, and where brother will live when the inevitable happens

So, things may be moving along here

But today is still today and here I am

I still dont like tenants

and after the 3 months if the guy buys I will only work part time, if he wants me, because this full time caper is ridiculous and I am so over it indeed

So people, sending positive selling energy to the orifice please....

and keep your legs crossed!!

I do.....

There is some pretty feral energy in the air at the moment

I have had so many abused/battered women come in and apply for houses just lately....I wish they wouldnt tell me the story because if I didnt know it I could help them....I cant put someone in a house when the man will come and rip it apart though can I.

There are people screaming at each other in the street outside right now and I find it disturbing...I remember when it was me....bloody hell.

Christmas...merry merry merry heh....bollocks


Lisa said...

smooch xxxxxxxxxxxxx

Anonymous said...

They must have been the same ones that had visited me earlier in the day...w.w.the world is full of very horrible people.....damaged peole who keep on damaging others and so the cycle goes on.Its very very sad.w.w.

Natalie said...

All those people you spoke of were probably my family out on a day trip. Merry, Merry Bah Humbug.