Monday, November 03, 2008


Well, after a good sleep on Saturday night Shelli was up all night again
last night in spite of the 10mg of temazipan in her system. maybe to do
with the double dose of antidepressant?

Dont know but Im sure Dr will tell me today

I spent yesterday chucking a shit fit with ex husband who,
in response to an email from me asking if his phone finger
was broken and was that why he hadnt rang the girls for
3 weeks, was to inform me that we only ever rang him when
we wanted something and why should he be the one to keep lines
of communication open all the time???? Hellooooooo....

To which I responded qute maturely with "F%$K off R..."

and then this

So, now I will try to be rational.
Kayla and Shelli have both recently expressed disappointment that
you have not bothered to ring them. I did say to them that they could
ring you but they were a bit angry Im afraid. If I remember correctly
it IS you who is the adult here and not them. I know you have a baby
due and as far as I know all is going well with that.
As far as life here goes I have had Shelli cutting herself twice this
week and had to take her into hospital yesterday for a fucking
psychiatric assessment and to get her meds doubled and to get
sleeping pills because she cant sleep. YOU KNOW she is going
through this stuff and is not well. YOU KNOW kayla has also
been under tremendous strain and even though she seems okay
it might be nice for her to know she has you giving a shit
YOU promised to do whatever you could to help these kids
while mum is sick and I am here, REMEMBER. YOU KNOW
mum is dying from fucking cancer and what you may not know
because you havent bothered to ask is that she is starting to get
PROMISED HERE. I am very sorry if I have not had time to ring
you and fill you in on every fucking detail but i did think that you
would understand that, considering the circumstances.
Dont give me shit about busy and babies Robert. From what I am seeing,
your lack of action here is telling me the story that you do not want to
know about this shit anymore and that your new life is much more
important than your old life.
In my understanding SUPPORT means that you understand that
life is hard and you let someone know that you care enough to help out
or even just that you care. You ring a child you have been a father to to
let her know you love her and you put up with shit from them because
you know that they are a kid and are suffering.
You dont just disappear from their life because they see that for what
it fucking well is.. LACK OF CARE. Perhaps you might like to explain
that to them for me okay. I will not be asking you for anything else,
ever again so dont worry about that will you.
So Robert, please dont talk shit to me okay. I dont need it.
I get the picture.
Have a nice life

and then I cried a bit

To which he responded by ringing the girls and me and then all was
reasonably well, except that Shelli refused to speak to him.


....also spent the day cleaning shitful house and stinky dog.

Vinegar and baking soda in the final rinse makes for a non smelly
pup by the way, if anyone has this problem....

Wish shellibaby was so easy to fix.

Did I say my life was boring??



Tania said...

arsefaced ex hubands whose name starts with R, I have one, the new baby came and he wants nothing to do with his other babies... 8 years now.
blah.. stupid men

Lisa said...

funny timing for R to choose to move on with life....he obviously needs an anal probe !!