Tuesday, November 25, 2008



and so on

I am tired and wired

not a good combo

My house is a mess

My head is a mess

My kids are a mess

My bank account would be a mess if there was anything in it

Still, it could be worse couldn't it

I heard someone say on the weekend that if you do good things but dont do them from a 'nice' heartspace then they dont count

Does that mean that hating this orifice renders my reason for doing it useless????

What a crock

I am going home to do my washing, eat pizza and chocolate and bleed a lot


By the way

I bought Shelli a kitten yesterday

from a bloody pet shop

expensive little bugger but oh so cute

I am a sucker indeed

She called it 'Crabsticks'

Its a little fluffy ginger grey and white tortoiseshell half persian pretty who deserves a name like "Princess" or some such thing

Crabsticks my arse.....

maybe she named it after me??



Jewell said...

so what does puppyson think of the new addition?

Anchell said...

He wants to pick it up and put it on his bed with his other toys

oh dear

Lisa said...

my Aunty is giving away beautiful free kittens .........ggggrrrrrr

Anchell said...


Cyndy said...

So it was you that mentioned kittens to Faerie, Lisa....

Crabsticks is lovely...

Lisa said...

so now you have a crabby pussy ?