Tuesday, November 04, 2008


Went to the doctor yesterday with madamslash and got sleeping tablets

Gave her one fully expecting her to sleep as she was exhausted

but no

she stayed awake all night and sliced her arm up yet again

this time deep enough that she will be looking at the scar when she is 90 years old

If she makes it that far

Im afraid I yelled at her a bit this morning

in between giving her a hug and putting butterfly stitches on the cuts

and then I sent her to school because I am sick of it and her isolating herself


no way

Now I am waiting for her counsellor to ring me and tell me what the fuck I should
do now

The quack says no way to double doses of temazapan

and I quite agree

so I will sit up tonight until she sleeps

and I will wake her at 6am everyday and not let her sleep ever except at night

eventually she will crash and sleep and her body will do as I say wont it!

Of course, I dont need sleep and am invincible...

...and CSV has been apologised to and the head nun honcho person has told
them that she can come home whnever she bloodywell needs to!

We'll see

Im just in the mood for a fight right now



Lisa said...

are you angry with me too ?

Anonymous said...

It goes to show just how distressed she is if the temaz isn't making her drowsy... that's how doctors gauge the severity of your anxiety, generally.

Do you have private health insurance?

Anchell said...

No Jac I dont unfortunatly

and Lisa, I will be if you want me to!

But no, I am not, grrrrrrrr

Jen said...


fark fark fark