Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Out there


I am putting it out there that I would like Friday and Saturday off

From the universes lips to mothers ear please

I KNOW she is feeling pretty good this week


Enough already

I will most likely commit murder otherwise

but I am not whinging

Just stating a fact

Other people have REAL problems today

Poor little Kyah has passed over this morning and her family must be broken hearted

I have been following her story for weeks now after seeing the link on Toni's blog.

She is free now

Poor brave little miss

I feel for her mum and dad and her brothers though

They have to stay and deal with the pain

after so long dealing with hers

Life can be so sad can it not

and happy too

We need to appreciate the in betweens more



Lisa said...

whats going on ???????
why dont you answer me ?????????

ankle doesnt love me anymore ........
boo hoo sob stomp burp fart hic sob.........

The Tall Red Head said...

Yes, I was devastated when I read that she had passed over, but glad in a way as well. The poor little bub had gone through so much in her short life. She had over 1000 beads to mark all her medical procedures..all gotten in 9 months. To think a child had to endure that is terrible. Her family will be heartbroken.

Natalie said...

I think it's o.k to express how you are feeling about your life, irrespective of other's lives - be that sad or glad.
You are the only one experiencing you, so you are allowed to be you on any given day - even if other poor people are having a really awful time of it.
Don't feel guilty for expressing how you feel it's always valid in your particular experience of this life.
That is all. xo

Lisa said...

ankle- yes, it appears my emails are not getting through- fark ! I have been having some issues with emails from you and from rose cottage recently but not ususally with the ones I send..........
basically, just want to know when we will catch up.smooch xx