Monday, November 03, 2008


It seems that Centrelink, in their compassionate wisdom have finally
decided to grant me the carers allowance I have been applying for
since December last year.

Of course, they are back paying till 3 weeks ago....hmmmmm...GRRRRRR

Anyway, we will be grateful for small, and I mean small, things will we not.

I also had an interesting convo with CSV regarding the giant shitfit
argument she is having with her 'powers that be' in regards to being
able to come home when needed. Part of this was due to her 'loving'
supervisor telling her that it was 'no wonder' Shelli was having these
problems inferring that it was because of me and also the lovely lady
enquired if Tahni was perhaps schizophrenic herself as she was not
consistent in herself at all times???

Are we on the same planet here????

Tahni, being her mothers daughter immediatley asked said woman if
she had been to uni and accquired her MD and was qualified to diagnose
ones mental state and also informed her that perhaps she may well just
go and apply for a scholarship for uni herself next year as she would need
something to live on considering the 'establishment' had taken
all of her money.....

The upshot of this being that they have called someone in and are having all
sorts of meetings regarding Tahnis suitability to be an 'assistant numerary'
or whatever the frik it is that she is supposed to be being

She then proceeded to tell her that she had indeed learnt from myself
and her grandmother that she didnt have to take shit from anyone...hehe


Mum and I are going to go down and kill someone soonish after we
write to the pope of course regarding verbal abuse of youing
people in 'his' care....

but really, is this maybe not a wonderful thing???

Maybe I will get some prayers answered here regarding my big
baby's decisions so far in life???

Hmmm indeedy


Myst_72 said...

Is there such thing as a teenager 'consistent in herself at all times'...I think not!

Good on her!!!

Congrats on the carer allowance, that will mean you get another bonus in December too - as well you should.


Lisa said...

it is very interesting to sit and watch this all unfold.


Cyndy said...

Your life is NEVER boring..... you wish it could be a bit on the mundane side, I'll bet.

I find it saddening that Shelli has been placed on a waiting list: kids should never have to wait to have their health needs addressed: pain is pain, and it's imfuckingpossible to watch your kids in pain...... wouldn't it be good if we really could kiss away their hurts with a bandaid?

Your kids are lucky to have you for their mum.

It's been a bit of a growth experience for Tahni, hasn't it?

I'll stop muggling, now.

Love to you xoxo

Anchell said...

Its actually good to be on the waiting list. They would admit her if they thought she was in danger of killing herself or something.
Meanwhile, I have some assurance that she will get care if/when she needs it...

I think.