Thursday, November 20, 2008

Gotta love it....

My day so far

  • up at 5.45 for a change
  • coffees and things
  • get dressed in trackdaks as mother is to be ready at 8.50 for picking up so I can go do something which I will explain later
  • 8.30 am mother rings and says she will be ready for picking up at 9.50 as she had 'some things to do'
  • run around like hairy arsed blogger getting ready to open business not dressed in tracky daks
  • open orifice and smile calmly and politely at people whilst thinking rude things
  • 9.50 pick up mother
So, onto the thing that needed doing yes

Dont you love it when your teenage girls are old enough to do their own washing??

Yes indeed it is a treat......

EXCEPT for when they leave a towel in the sink that has the plughole in it that the washing machine water goes down and the water from a load of washing set on high even though it contained ONE school blouse overflows your sink and goes all over the laundry floor that has no drain it and therefore slops out onto your carpet and goes through walls onto your carpet and does indeed make the carpet a virtual swimming pool with suds in it and so you must of course get the water out of the carpet as soon as possible by going to get your mothers water sucking device and it doesn't work so then you go to Coles and pay $32 to hire a water sucking up device and spend a few hours of your day sucking up water whilst the heavens open up and pee down rain and you leave the car windows open because it is sunny when you get out of the car but whilst you are VERY NOISILY sucking up water ( and you have a puppy that doesnt like water sucking device noise so therefore barks loudly the entire time you are doing it so no wonder you dont hear the thunder) - a storm descends and you don't even notice until the seats of the car are as wet as the carpet and isnt it lucky you have a water sucking device after all...................

so, I would have preferred to buy a new blouse and/or even sewed one from scratch or something but my day has been lovely

I love my day

and my life

*grin with teeth bared and gritted and probably gritty too*


Kristy-Lee said...

Oh. My. God.

I thought I was having a bad day....

Natalie said...

Omg! What's that line about teenagers are the reason for eating your young or something like that?

More power to you for you are a saint.

I would have sucked her up into the water sucky thing!xo

Jewell said...

i'm so sorry but i had to poor nevers rains but it pours!!! sorry in very bad taste i know.

Love to you xxx

Lisa said...

ipm at euro-smooch xx

Anonymous said...