Wednesday, November 05, 2008

new day

Thank goodness for Darlin's who come and let me go to bed and sit up watching Shelli for me.

He said she went to sleep!


I hope she stayed asleep but havent woken her yet so dont know

Appointment with psychologist today

then coffee with Maryme

Have booked Shell and mum on a flight to sister in Byron next Wednesday for a week

I hope that happens ans she is ok enough to go

A change of enviroment will be good for her at the moment

and a week of sleep and not doing her or mum will be good for me

Please please please let it happen

Puppy school tonight




Cyndy said...

That all sounds good, especially the coffee part.

I wish I had a sister in Byron. Actually, I wish I lived in Byron.. xoxoxo

Natalie said...

eggselent! Bout time for some respite.xo

Jewell said...

will keep everything crossed that it does happen for you, you need th to you x

angela said...

Oh my goddness. You really have a lot to deal with. Remember to look after yourself as well. If you go down so do the others. Try and rest as much as you can, I know thats easier said than done.
Just love your kids, thats all you can do.

Lisa said...

can i go to byron ?