Monday, November 17, 2008


Monday again


Did have a nice weekend though

Closed early on Saturday and went to the festival here on the 'foreshore'

You know, 3 rides and some stalls and a really crappy band etc

Was fun and something different

Darlin did buy me a xmas present which I have promptly forgotten about so I cant tell you what it is

Art exhibition at the club...went to that too

I will be in it next year dammit!

And so should you be elf...

Did some house work and cleaned the puppyson who is very cute and shiny again and cut off his fluffy bits so now he doesnt look like a barrell on legs. Three people told me he was fat this week! He is not FAT he is growing hair sideways in a curl....bosh.

A wet puppyson is sleek


and he is also very naughty and very attached to in I leave the room and he whinges and needs to follow me everywhere and sit on my foot


Darlin is happy because I gave him a massage after he mowed everybodies and their dogs lawns

(dont laugh Mary, its NOT funny)

Poor man thinks I have forgotten his existance I am sure and at times he is right

But usually I am just asleep with my eyes open

I am hungry

I am always hungery lately

Whats with that??

Grrrrr...pants will get short again soon



Tania said...

Your art is breathtaking, I'd love to see an exhibition of it :)

Lisa said...

i love a back passage hooker in short long pants !!!

Anonymous said...

I know the hungry thing...its boredom...I have worked my way through several packets of everything at the Square,,,,now I live on coffee...if fact I intend to replace my blood with coffee....then I will immortal!!!!!Mwaaaaahhhhaaa!!!!w.w

Natalie said...

Ditto Tania's comment.

I have a son who has matted hair , whinges when I enter the room and stinks - It's called puberty :<

Glad you and Darlin' had a noice time together. xo

Jewell said...

oh dear one thinks that the Square has finally got to WW...

Puppyson looks so peaceful...