Thursday, November 06, 2008


Well, 2 days with child sleeping and no blood


And no drugs last night either

Psychologist appointment was okay, with much discussion around
sleep and diet and exercise and why these things are important

I see that I need to apply some of these to myself as well

Coffee with my mary was enlightening too, in such that I am really
beginning to see that perhaps I have been a little harsh with Darlin lately

Nobody is bloody perfect are they so why should I expect him to be

This doesnt mean I am wrong

Just a bit ridiculous sometimes

And maybe using him as my whipping post at times without realising it,
because I can, if you know what I mean. At least he isnt going to die on
me or slash up his self if I offend him is he.

Poor darlin

Poor me

Enough pity pot really

Life goes on

even if one does set the alarm for 2 am so one can sneak up and make sure
MadamS is REALLY asleep

One good thing, I think she shocked herself with this last lot. They dont
look nice and they wont go away and every time I dress them she feels
like heaving and has to sit down

Im taking that as a positive at this point

bit different from scratches that will fade in time


And I keep saying so too

She IS female and vain after all

I have to go to the Tenancy Tribunal tomorrow and get a bond off a filthy
pig who should have known better then had the hide to object to the
cleaning and repairs we had to claim.

Frikken people

How many holes in walls and filthy everythings can you expect to be fixed
when sent back 3 times??

None, but you can change a flyscreen and expect the holes etc to be
ignored apparently

Hrmph I say

puppy school is a nightmare and dogs that sleep under your chair and fart should be shot at dawn

1 comment:

Lisa said...

really ?
i was enlightening ?
not sure how that happened.i promise i wont let it happen again !!
Yes, am an avid disliker of puppy preschool and people who want ot leech money out of other people by 'teaching' hounds to do what will come naturally if they are treated with love and care.

a dog fart?
there is on this planet nothing worse.........

My Ruby can clear a house in under 15 seconds........