Tuesday, August 11, 2009


I be told by people that I should just be myself.....

What if myself feels more comfortable a few kilos lighter and a bit less wobbly hmmmm....then to make an effort to get myself back to feeling like myself would be a sensible thing wouldn't it.

So, I am okay, I am not being silly, why should I walk around feeling frumpy just because you are happy with myself? I dont really mind if I don't do it, but getting a bit fitter and feeling a bit better can only be a good thing? Can't it? If it is for MY SELF?

Besides which people, knowing myself, I will last about a week then go have a chocolate fest...and that will be okay too


I am also, after a couple of weeks of being extremely guilt ridden, back off the fags, so any old distraction is a good one.....next you hear of this will be when I have at least a week or two up.....

So, there you go......

Never said I was perfect did I.


Natalie said...

I guess what the 'people' were meaning, is that you should only do these things for your own happiness - as you said.
Being relaxed and confident, is probably more important (and attractive) than a little wobble here and there.
However, if the wobble is making you feel lousy about yourself, and destroying your confidence, then that is when the wobble has to go.

Love from a less than confident 'people'xx♥

Snowbrush said...

I wish you all the luck in the world getting off those cigarettes.

Kerry said...

I guess at the end of the day, it is all about doing what feels right for you at the time.

If it feels like something you need to do, to loose some wobble, then do your best. Thats all you can do.

What ever the case, you are beautiful.

Lisa said...

i like you regardless- fat , thin, big haired, screeching, smiling and eating huge sandwiches.

we come into this world alone and go out the same way, so it makes sense to me to be as happy with ourselves as we can,while we can.

i, myself, struggle with this- with needing to take medication, with feeling tired all the time but strangley enough i dont struggle with being overweight, even though i know i am.
I am happy in my own skin, but it took some getting to get there.

Do what you need to do to make yourself happy but be realistic too- Michelle is more than just her body, even the wobbly bits and as long as you know this, all will be well.

smooches to you
call me when the chocolate fest begins

Daria said...

This stuff isn't easy ... I have always struggled with weight. Fortunately, I never started smoking otherwise, I'd be in the same boat as you.

Be gentle with yourself.