Monday, August 10, 2009

Did you know.....

....that a 15 minute fast walk on maximum incline whilst doing a walking half squat intermittently HURTS?

...that people who have had hysterectomies in the last 6 months should remember this and squat or not accordingly?

Neither did I till this morning.....groannnnnnnn

.....that low carbs for a few days will kick start your metabolism so it eats your body fat for you?

But you will get hungry and eating 140 boiled eggs will not make you UN hungry :)

.....televisions can be working fine one night and then just not turn on the next?

.....that sons who come home from Germany soon will cause computer issues in this house

.....that Mondays at the office are not looked forward to at all

....that I am tired damnit

.....that it's only 3 weeks till September?



Natalie said...

Where can i see this diet hmmm????

Kerry said...

low carbs/no carbs... are beautiful as you are.

exercises that cause that much pain. you dislike the way you are that much that you want to cause pain???

TV's. I had the same prob with my lap top last week. Worked in the evening, was broken in the morning. Thank goodness for motheres who never use their lap tops.

Sons coming home. Thats exciting. excited for you, and can't wait. YAY YAY YAY....


Denise said...

Your post made me smile. :)

christopher said...

I don't think 140 boiled eggs are part of a low carb diet, even if 1 or 2 are. :)

I go away for a little while and look what happens.

I want to know your secret. Cmon, you can tell me, clear over on the other side of the planet...

The sun visor in my car decided to break so that it doesn't hold in place now, just sags down, a little like the tv not working.

Run away with me. We'll let the other sorry saps deal with it...

Butler and Bagman said...

That reminds me of a steak, boiled eggs, and wine diet I tried back in the old days when I was still drinking. Breakfast - one boiled egg and a glass of wine. Lunch two boiled eggs and a glass of wine. Dinner - lean steak and as much wine as you want. You can see why I liked the diet. Unfortunately I couldn't keep it up more than a day because by breakfast of the second day, I was still consuming wine from the previous days dinner...

Lisa said...

what email ?
I am back into hotmail and there is no email from you ?
and whats all this diet crap ? you are a freaking goddess for gods sake !!
stop it !!