Monday, August 24, 2009


Have just spoken to ex regarding cardboard slop and it will be taken care of.....I think he thinks he will be doing me a favour though. Little does he know that I was going to put it all in his kiln that better be gone by the end of next week!!!!!

He would also like to mow my lawn, but couldn't understand why I would now need to pay him for that........I like to owe nothing here, too messy otherwise. Erk

I am now on day13 of no cigs and it is much easier than day 7......this is good. Very damn good. As for the mind games I could play with myself, well, lets just say I know me well and we are not going there. Cigs now live with the bottle and other such temptations, in the land of never never......

I love that all my 'boyfriends' on here came to be kicked! Was so cute....I love you guys. You crack me up.

I am very busy getting landlords letters done today....writing writing writing...posting sorting swearing a bit etc

Am very busy getting ready for the end of the LAST damn month of this office in this name in this responsibilty factor...woo hoooooo

Am going away at the end of next week for a few days......that is HUGE!


Bring it on I said.....

and they did

oh, yes, they did



Jen said...

excellent all round 'chelle

now - where is that life you were teling me about??

Lisa said...

where are you going ?

Strawberry Girl said...

I see your sense of humor is intact... even your rants are quite entertaining (ie your last post). ;D

Cyndy said...

Men...... isn't it great that we really CAN manage without them???? Mine just rang me sounding asbsolutely gobsmacked that he just paid nearly $800 for new tyres for the car... how could I have agreed to that with the tyre man????, said Beloved..... this after I had told him at least twice that he needed to discuss the type of tyres with the tyre man, as I hadn't done this.... there is NO way that I would have agreed to that amount of golden rubber..... I told him that he could have told them to take them back off..... tyre man must be giggling his head off..... yeah, Have a beer on me, mate!


Thank you for allowing me to vent, Michelle..

Where are you off to?