Monday, August 17, 2009

oh yeah.....

on days like this
where I try so hard
that's when I need you
kick my arse
remind me
it isn't meant to be
to take a breath
let the world go by
that my place here
is only to do this day
let the days
of others
do what they will
on days like this
somebody kick me

and in time
when I say to you
you hurt me so, that day
I will try to remember
that I asked you to


Ghost Dansing said...

link... lyric at Christopher's

Barry said...

I'm good at kicking Michelle.

I hope you're as good at forgiving?

Michelle said...

Thank you Ghost, and yes Barry, had a bit of practise at that :)

Natalie said...

How 'bout a gentle reminder?

Michelle said...

No Nats, some days my arse needs kickin'....HARD


Cyndy said...

I'd rather give you a hug. You can kick your own arse..... ;0)

Sarah Lulu said...


Chrisy said...

Just make sure you take your stilettos off first....

Michelle said...