Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Looking Sheepish.....

I think I nicked this pic from Jac
but I wouldn't swear to it

God, sorry about that rant down there

I have had a very stressful couple of weeks here and things build up

Add to that a mother who is also stressed to the max and sick as well, and a bit nasty with it and you get me, going off my least on here is safe and no one gets hurt!!!

But today is today and I'm not angry now, despite a travesty of crap unfolding left right and centre around actually got so bad it got funny, then it was okay.

Oh well.....

Tomorrow is the oncology appointment that will change it all again.....


Thank you to those who help keep me sane

Very much including this man, who has somehow turned into a true friend, all the way from the other side of the planet .......

Want to read something cool??



Kerry said...

Glad to hear that things are a little better for you today.

With all the crap you have been going through, and are going through, it is to be expected that you are going to reach breaking point, and need to let it all out.

Tis nice you have people to help keep you sane, especially your friend on the other side of the planet.....NICE :-)

Sarah Lulu said...

Oh wasn't that an amazing story!!!!!

Now you ..

I'm so terribly sorry I missed your rant! I would have sent zillions of hugs.

I do love it when ....everything gets SO bad it's impossible to have any sense of control and you can let go a bit and laugh for two seconds.

I hope we both get my wishes ..yes I do.

Denise said...

Enjoyed your blog!

Another cancer survivor

Renee said...

Going down the rollercoaster and getting ready to go all the way back up.

I love you.

Renee oxoxox

Barry said...

Glad things got so out of hand you came out the other side and started to see the humor of it all.

And I got a great link to a wonderful blog I'd never visited before. I love make interesting discoveries.

Evil Twin's Wife said...

As the caretaker to my mother when she was dying, I can tell you it's a thankless job. I cried a lot - and not necessarily at her predicament, but at the way she treated me. Logically, I knew she was suffering and confused, but it didn't take the sting out of her words. I just did my best to love her until the end. God Bless You, Michelle, for being there for her.

Bogey said...

Michelle, if you didn't unload here, we would have to take up a collection to cover your bail bond. Maybe you should get yourself a bike and go for a nice long ride in the country. You would be surprised at what it can do for your serenity.

Michelle said...

Only if it's a Harley Bogey :)