Sunday, August 09, 2009

Into the empty.....

when I cried out once
into the empty
you heard, you brushed my hair
back from my face
with a shaking brittle finger

I see you sit, your aching head
resting on your hand
heart right there, in your eyes
and all I want to do
is touch your smile

I will, tomorrow
when the world becomes real
and a new place is born
out where the fence
was falling down


Strawberry Girl said...

I like this, I rejoice in your world renewed, and in your real happiness.


Natalie said...

yeah, what she said.xx♥

Kathryn Magendie said...

gorgeous - both painting and poem...just beautiful

you have a gift (or gifts)

Chrisy said...

This poem gave me goosebumps...ta for sharing...

Renee said...

Michelle, the painting. Amazing.

The poetry, pure you, beautiful.

Love Renee xoxo