Sunday, August 23, 2009


What is it with men???

I have an ex who, 6 months ago, decided to help out by ripping up and piling up 400000000 boxes from the garage for me, in order to get rid of them...all well and good yes????


Not when I have just discovered them all piled up in my side passage, very neatly and nicely, sixty five boxes slimed into a congealed mess that I now have to pick up and try to stuff into bags so I can get rid of it....GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR

The other ex (of the husband variety) has owed me $50 for the last 5 months but decided to take all and sundry to the footy last that cost more than $50......

I have just steam cleaned all the carpet in my house, scrubbed 6 months of Shelli off Joshua's walls and washed 14000000000 arms hurt and now I'm trying to make them work long enough to scrape up 20 kilos of slimed box into the ONE farking bin bag I seem to have left in this house.....before going over to my mothers and cooking a roast somehow.....hopefully she has put it in the oven or it could be a looooooooooooong night.


I just realised that I have been paid a whopping great $26 this month in Child Support!

Now I can go get me some food and clothes for my kids!

(Pft.....if I had been relying on Child Support to feed my kids they would have starved years ago.....)


whinge bitch moan

I have also discovered that I USED to really enjoy that fag I had in between doing housework stuff..........

12 smoke free days

I may go kill someone now

Preferably a male......

No, not YOU :)


Lisa said...

ooh wah....

Liz said...

So glad i am not a male right at this moment!!:P.

Hang in there Michelle...

Maybe you have old photos of your ex's ? You could make a dart board? Relieve some tension that way :).

Big hug... No ciggy whatever you do!! Take care of yourself


Sarah Lulu said...

Hahaha ..calling all available males ...ruuuuuuuunnnnnnnnnnnnnn !!!!!!!!

Dave King said...

I thought I'd just pop in so you could take a pop at me - 'sabout all I can do.

christopher said...

Here is the really dumb male bumbling along right into the kill zone, saying things like,

"Michelle, ma belle, these are words which go together so well..."

Want some candy?

Michelle said...

Ah Christopher, you said the words! That's my song, according to my father, who named me after it of course :)

I think I will not kill anyone now



Marie S said...

LOL!!! I almost wet myself. I have days of feeling like this too!!

You can win again my dear, it is ok!
I appreciate your follow. Thank you and good luck!
Love and hugs.

Daria said...

12 days ... good job. Make sure and vent on this blog because it will prevent you from picking up that ciggy.

I'm here listening!

Evil Twin's Wife said...

I'm so proud of you... With all this stress, it would be so easy for you to justify picking up that cig, but you're NOT! Yay!!!

Butler and Bagman said...

All men are dogs. I'm convinced of it. Even me. Not all men, however, are a rabid dobermans or yappy weiner dogs. I think of myself as a friendly kind of St. Bernard...going off to help save people. But I'll still pee on your carpet if you pet me enough.