Thursday, May 17, 2007

and the point is??

  • I have dye in my hair, it stinks and thats because its full of chemicals and I am old!
  • I have lines on my face and that is because I have 4 children and I am OLD
  • I have put on far too much weight and my pants are very short and I must wear a skirt to mummy's orifice (?) and that is because I am OLD
  • and quite possibly LAZY
  • The fact is, I am not young anymore, but I am not old either, I am in the place where it only gets worse from here
  • aaaarrrrggghhhh


  • It only gets worse if I look at it that way

  • I can do something about everything that bothers me about myself!

....with the possible exception of stopping the grey hair from breeding that is....thank goodness for Loreal!

  • I am actually enjoying my life, warts and all, at this point in time.

  • Everything I am experiencing, I have created.

  • If I want it to be different then I can change it!


Now, if I could only stop eating too much chocolate and smoking I would probably have the energy to move so my pants got longer.

Am seriously considering a quit date here...

What should go first?

The ciggy's or the chocolate?



I have just had to squeeze myself into a pair of lycra gut busting tights/stockings/pantyhose
that 6 months ago would have been too big

Not happy Jan!

Did you know I have an aunty called Jan?

She is a very strange woman.

Must run in the family....

Must go and force unbendable (due to lycra) body into small car and try not to slide off the seat whilst hoofing it all the way to woopwoop to do much work for toilet paper!


Lisa said...

power to manifest and create- how blessed we are x

Tesah said...

Whoa! Ciggies first! No need to go overboard by cutting out chocolate yet!

Cyndy said...

Good girl, or should I say a very mature approach, 'Chell.

The ciggies need to go first, my dear. The choccies can't increase in their level of consumption, though. And unfortunately, moving is the key.....

Who's strange????

Bee said...

definatly ciggies,,,,