Saturday, May 12, 2007

in my opinion......

Hello my little world,

I am still here

I am still tired


I have been practising, or trying to, not having an opinion this week.

Hmmm again

The place that I have ended up with this is here

"an opinion is something I have when I do not know the truth"

Interesting huh.

After much deliberation and realising that I have 'opinions' on EVERYTHING, I finally realised, after sprouting off at group this afternoon, that I am actually allowed to have an opinion, I just have to realise and acknowledge that it is only that, an opinion.

If I know something in my heart, then it is my TRUTH, not my opinion, if I don't know, and if it is about another then how can I really KNOW, then it is an opinion and should not be built on.

So, I have my TRUTH, which is about me and no one else OR my OPINION which is purely conjecture at any point, unless it is about me, and then it may become my truth.

That is why it is SO important that I be HONEST with myself.

Are you following me?

So, my opinion doesn't matter, to me or to anyone else, as in all honesty, I am just guessing. If someone else has an opinion of me, then they are just guessing too, and its none of my business what they think.

If they need to know the TRUTH, then they can ask me and I will give them mine, as long as its about me, because the truth about someone else is only known to them and they will only share as much as they are able to at that point in time.

Making sense??

I cannot do someone elses thinking for them and they cannot do mine.

I cannot 'do' someone elses life for them, and they cannot do mine.

I cannot help another unless they have asked me too.

If I tell another only what I think they need to hear then I am thinking for them and may be witholding a vital piece of missing information from them.

They cannot help me unless I allow it and step up to the plate to 'play the game'.

And it is a game, this life we live, and we are the pieces who move ourselves around.

Its totally up to us where we land.

Think about it.........

without having an opinion!


does my bum look big in this?


rainbowspirit said...

speaking of bums, i have a saying.... 'opinions are like arseholes, everyone has one!'

seriously.... i think an opinion is our 'take' on something. whether that be truth, false, or conjecture. for example - i am fat, that is truth. my opinion of that truth is that it is gross and i am ashamed of that fact.

or have i missed your point?

and i dont think your bum looks big in anything....


Lisa said...

yes, but you have a gorgeous ass in my humble opinion.
I actually enjoyed the talking today and this post on your blog.....i follow it , it makes sense.does it make sense to you ? If not, we can always blame friggin russell.........

Renata said...

very deep Salome...
definately spiritual journey stuff!

Cyndy said...

I think (that's supposed to be in italics, but I don't know how to do it) that's true... and verrrry deep, Arty Mary. You're very insightful, and honest. That's a good thing.

And don't ask the question if you don't want to hear the answer.... would it be the truth or an opinion do you think? I think (again, in italics) your bum looks just fine.. and that's the truth in my opinion.

Do have a lovely day tomorrow ;0)

~*Rylah*~ said...

It is my OPINION, and therefore I may be wrong, that your bum does NOT look big in ANYTHING! However, for the TRUTH of this situation, and because it is, essentially, about YOU and YOUR bum, I would strongly advise that you consult YOUR TRUTH about the matter at hand.

nadcesca said...

You nail it girl! I just love what you said. But that is my opinion right! lol have a nice day

Jewell said...

think that what you have said is soo right, your "opinion" is just that, and is and should be your "truth"

make sense?!!